Concrete Tile Roofing Residential and commercial
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Concrete tile roofing

Concrete tiles are made of portland cement, sand and water in varying proportions. The material is mixed and extruded on molds under high pressure. The exposed surface of a tile may be finished with cementitious material colored with synthetic oxide additives. The tiles are cured to reach the required strength. They generally have lugs on their undersides for anchoring to batten strips. There are additional waterlocks or interlocking ribs on the longitudinal edges that impede movement and prevent water infiltration.

there are a wide variety of profiles, styles, finishes and colors available. Color may be added to the surface of a tile or dispersed throughout (color through). Special texture may be added in surface treatment. Each type of tile roof system may make use of separate ridge, hip, hip intersection, gable end and finial accessory tiles of various shapes in addition to field tiles.

Process of concrete tile roofing

1. Supply and install Eagle #4680 "Los padres blend" flat concrete flat tile roof.
2. Supply and install two layers 30# felt underlayments at roof tile areas
3. Fasten the first course of tile at eaves with wind clips and to roof deck.
4. Furnish and install ridge and hip boards.
5. Furnish and install 1x2 battens per plans
6. Supply and install Mortar weatherblocking at hip mand ridges
7. Install and seal all primary and secondary vent pipe flashings.
8. Furnish and install all O'hagin vents as shown on plans
9. Furnish and install all eave riser metal and valley metal per plans.

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